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Alert details page

The alert details page provides extra information for the produced alert, such as the time and number of occurrences, the time of detection, the involved entities, any service affected and the criticality of the alert.

Sample Alert page

For more information refer to the specific alerts produced by the Anomaly Detection, Behavioural Clustering and ThreatDB engines.

If a user has logged in using the Service Desk Account login, then a ticketing system that is fully integrated with our Support Operation Center’s (SOC) ticketing system exists in the Alert page. The ticketing system allows the user to interact with our System Operation Center (SOC) from within the MOREAL platform, however the platform is able to create tickets on its own, in cases of critical alerts.

A SOC representative will be assigned to resolve the issue, which will then be marked as resolved. The user is informed as soon as the issue is resolved.

Alert page detail