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Cisco ASA Syslog Structure

Cisco ASA appliances produce syslog event messages based on the following format.

%ASA-Level-Message_number: Message_text
  • %ASA is a preset string identifier denoting the start of an event log line.
  • Level: This is the event severity number, which complies with the syslog severity level format.
Level Severity Description
0 emergency System unusable
1 alert Immediate action needed
2 critical Critical conditions
3 error Error conditions
4 warning Warning conditions
5 notification Normal but significant conditions
6 informational Informational messages
7 debugging Debugging messages

* ASA devices do not generate level 0 syslog messages.

  • Message_number: Message number is the log id of the specific message. It is a 6-digit number where the first 3 digits are based on the event class (auth,sys,session etc.) and the last 3 are based on the specific event that falls under the previous class.
  • Message_text: Message text is a string sentence that provides additional event information in human readable form. The string’s structure is based on the associated message_number (log id).

For a complete list of possible message numbers, their respective message text and further explanation of the it, refer to Cisco Syslog Messages Guide.