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This page is an overview of the total devices that are specifically assigned to the user or to the organization the user belongs to.

A sample Device Dashboards

Each device is represented by a circular marker on the map at the top of the Device Dashboards screen; the color of each marker represents the device status.

Below the map is a list of all the devices the user has enough rights to view or access. The following elements are bound to each device:

  • A status indicator on the left of each item with different color for each possible device state
    • Green : Online. The device has logs and can be pinged
    • Yellow : Pending. The device has logs but cannot be currently pinged
    • Orange : Pingable. The device can be pinged but has not sent any logs
    • Red : Offline. The device has no logs and cannot be currently pinged
  • The device name
  • The device serial number
  • The organization that the device belongs to
  • The log size and log count that has been produced by the device in the last 30 days
  • A Security Dashboard button that navigates the user to the Device Security Dashboard
  • A Live Monitoring button that navigates the user to the Device Live Monitoring screen that contains charts that are generated from the logs that derive from the device.