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FortiGate Rebooting

Product FortiGate
Firmware Version All
Description / Symptom The FortiGate unit is repeatedly rebooting. When viewing the status through the console the following output appears:
Reading boot image 1762264 bytes.
Initializing firewall…crc errorINITTAR: falling back to normal initrd…
crc errorFAT: bogus logical sector size 0
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 01:00
FGT60B (15:29-09.06.2007)
Serial number:FGT60B3908635487
RAM activation
Total RAM: 256MB
Enabling cache…Done.
Scanning PCI bus…Done.
Allocating PCI resources…Done.
Enabling PCI resources…Done.
Zeroing IRQ settings…Done.
Verifying PIRQ tables…Done.
Boot up, boot device capacity: 64MB.
Press any key to display configuration menu…
Scope SOC Engineer
Solution This message means that there is an issue with flash memory. Most probably there is a bad block and system tried to access it.
To recover from this issue is to format boot device (flash memory) and reload same firmware version as before and then restore configuration from backup file or reconfigure unit from scratch manually if you don’t have update configuration backup