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Graphical User Interface (GUI)

After successfully logging in, the user gains access to the MOREAL platform GUI. In its current state, the landing page leads to the MOREAL Dashboard.

The new MOREAL GUI comes in two flavors, one with the menu at the top of the screen and one on the side of the screen. Through the menu personalization setting indicated by a list icon on the menu, you can change the visual appearance of the User Interface (UI) by either having the menu at the top of the screen or at the side of the screen. This setting applies to all screen sizes – from mobile to desktop. The sidemenu is more suitable for mobile devices and large desktop screens because it promotes faster navigation, while the topmenu is more practical and compact and allows more content on screen. Keep in mind that the sidemenu is toggle-able which means that it can be moved out of the screen, allowing for more content to be shown.

The two flavors of the menu – Topmenu shown on the left and Sidemenu on the right

The icon that depicts a sun on the menu activates Night mode, a subtle, easy-on-the-eyes dark theme to make the MOREAL platform pleasant to view in low light conditions.

The MOREAL platform’s Night Mode on the right

The menu contains the navigation menu that links to different pages of the platform. In order to keep the navigation menu compact, some options are grouped in collapsible submenus that expand when clicked on.

The content gracefully adapts to the size of the device screen, so that you get the most out of the MOREAL workflow.

Content gracefully adapts to the size of any device’s screen