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Organizations overview

System administrators within an organization are able to manage sub-organizations, users and devices under the parent organization they belong to.

Sample Organization screen

This page displays a list with the organization structure accompanied by information concerning the organization’s log traffic. In detail, the list contains:

  • Organization name. Clicking on the organization name navigates to the organization page.
  • Parent organization, which exists if the organization is a sub-organization. Clicking on the parent organization navigates to the organization page that contains information about the whole organization structure.
  • The number of users that belong to the whole organization structure
  • The number of devices that are assigned to the whole organization structure
  • The organization’s email domain if its users are locked to a specific doma
  • The bandwidth of the log data received in the last 30 days
  • The log count for thelogs received in last 30 days
  • Action buttons for administering the organization