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MOREAL can be personalized through the Settings page depending on user preference.

The Settings Page

The available Settings are the following:

List items per page

The List items per page setting specifies how many list items will appear in every list page throughout the MOREAL platform. The selected number of list items also defines the number of list pages – the higher the number, the smaller the number of pages the results are divided into.

Pagination position

This setting allows for the Pagination navigation to be positioned either Above, Below or both Above and Below the list items.

List density

This settings changes how dense the lists appear. Sparse density is easier on the eye, but dense lists tend to fit more list items on screen.

Sparse density on the left is easier on the eye, while Dense on the right allows more items to fit on screen

Realtime Interval Setting

The Realtime Interval Settings defines at what interval the report charts are updated in the Dashboard.