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Subscription plans overview

A subscription plan is assigned to every organization in MOREAL enabling devices and children organizations (i.e. branches) to send and persist logs to the MOREAL infrastructure.

A subscription plan has the following attributes:

  • the start and end date of the plan which are always the first and last day of the month.
  • the logs volume limit (quota) in GBs. This includes the logs for every device and branch (child) of the organization.
  • the retention period of the logs.
  • the recurring option which automatically renews the plan for the next month (at the 28th day of the current month) with the same attributes (quota, retention) as the current subscription plan.

An active subscription plan with sufficient quota is required for logs persistence. A background task computes the current volume and its percentage over the quota every 10 minutes. Notification emails are sent when this percentage reaches 75%, 90% and 100%, above which no logs are persisted.


Administrative subscription plans page

Users with the super administrator role have access to the subscription plans page where they can view and edit the current subscription plan for an organization, or create the plan for the following month.

Current and following plan attributes and statistics

Learn more about the creation and editing of subscription plans here.

Historical statistics are also available in a table including the period of each plan, the initial volume limit, the final volume limit (if the initial plan was edited), as well as the initial and final volume percentages.

Historical statistics about subscription plans

Detailed records regarding changes to subscription plans (incl. date, user, and quota changes) are retained and displayed upon clicking any row in the subscription plans history table.